Figuring it out as I go.


Don’t stifle yourself.

Don’t stifle others.

Don’t think that negative thing about that person you don’t know.

If you do, replace it with some positivity.

If I was an ocean

I was treacherous and unpredictable and stormy and black, teeming with vicious and mysterious life, swallowing entire cruise liners, whole fleets of battleships. Murky and diseased, toxic with waste.

But since I’ve met you, the sun has appeared, the water cleared, the fish are delicious and healthy and easy to catch. People are spending entire holidays at the beach.
And there have only been a handful of fatalities, sailboats that got lost, wandered too far out and got caught in an ordinary and brief summer storm,
Tragic but reconcilable losses

Even then, perhaps, I don’t want him to stop

Just choke me to death while you fuck me

Brush my body off the edge of the bed and get some rest

I hope one day when he’s choking me he doesn’t stop until I pass out completely

I just want him to climb those stairs and quietly put his hands on me

Blissfully unaware of what movies are in theaters, what countries are at war

So maybe I’ll always be a little crazy, harbor a little darkness

That’s alright

How repressed I was.

How deeply buried.

How desperate.

How ashamed.

How did I exist like that?